A woman's dream of production and brand

Hello, My name is Semra, I am a ceramic artist from Antalya, Turkey. My brand HOUB HANDMADE was started in 2020 to produce high quality, unique, modern and reachable Limoges porcelain tableware. Limoges Porcelain is very high quality raw material.

Adopting original and creative design, HOUB HANDMADE brings a new perspective to porcelain service products; It has adopted the principle of getting rid of the standard by overcoming the clich├ęs.

In this direction, HOUB HANDMADE, reflecting the colors and shapes found in different areas of nature in its designs, adds color to elegant tables with the motto that its products bring "happiness and positive energy" to every environment.

Our priority is to be original, modern and accessible in every part of our production. Each of our products is meticulously produced to accompany you at the warm tables that unite us all. We set out to make you and your guests feel special with their colors and unique designs, to help you create distinguished tables, and to be with you in your pleasant moments with our designs.

We will be happy to be a part of your family.

With my love,
Semra Ozbek

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